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  • Why is home restoration important?
    In our fast-paced world, it's hard to maintain your outdoor living space.You're constantly having to balance work, family and countless obligations. Your deck is weathering, the fencing is growing mold and the driveway looks like a Jackson Pollack painting. As time goes on, your home loses value.​ You deserve a break. Leave the work to us, so that you can save your free time forwhat matters most- building memories with your loved ones.
  • How do I get an estimate?
    You're busy, we get it. We start by listening to your needs to determine how we can best provide you with a Free Estimate. OUr team is able to provide free onsite estimates or expedite your estimate via email if we have enough information regarding the project. ​ You can click on the 'Free Quote' button on any page on our website or call our office.
  • I got an estimate. How do I move forward?
    You can confirm that you're ready to move forward by email or phone. Your project will go into our queue for the first phase- pressure washing and preparation for the second stage of sealing.
  • What's the average waiting period for starting a project?
    We can typically start your project within 14 days of agreeing to move forward.
  • How long is typically the waiting period to stain after washing?
    Our team will return on an optimal day of dry weather to proceed with the final stage of sealing the structure. Depending on weather and other work in queue.
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